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Principal’s Update 5/4/18

** Be sure to check out the Upcoming Dates section of this email for important future events.


  1. Mini-Cougar Track Clinic Mini Cougar Track Camp
  2. Cross Country Summer Camp Information   Cross County Camp
  3. Summer Breakfast/Lunch Program Information   Summer Feeding for 2018 Schedule (1)
  4. LaCrosse Saturday Skills Program Information   LaCrosse Skills Saturdays 2018 (1)
  5. GYFL Football and Cheer Information   20180502075225560
  6. Summer Breakfast Menu   4 week cycle – Breakfast Summer Feeding – 2018
  7. Summer Lunch Menu   4 week cycle – Lunch Summer Feeding – 2018
  8. GCJHS Summer Athletic Information   GCJHS Summer Athletic Opportunities 2018
  9. Summer Soccer Camp Information   Camp Flyer_v2
  10. GCHS Strings (Violin) Class Information   Strings Recruitment Letter 2018-19 (1)


  1. New: Student Council Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week:  The student council would like to get as many parents, students, and any others to write a positive note to the teacher of their choice.  Please take the time to complete the Google Form (click on the link below) regarding the teacher(s) of your choice and leave a nice comment that they will see!

  1. New: Variety Show:  What a great show!!  We have some very talented kids.  Congratulations to those who performed.  We would be remiss if we didn’t commend the students in the crowd for their great behavior.  Thanks to all who joined us today.
  1. New: Testing/NWEA Testing:  The ISTEP Window closed today, and we moved directly into collecting our end of the year data through the use of NWEA.  NWEA testing will be finished up next Friday.
  1. New:  Clinic News:  Any medications stored in the clinic must be picked up by the end of the last school day. State law prohibits us from sending it home with students.  Any medication left in the clinic after this time will be disposed of properly. In addition, medication administration forms and care plans for the 2018-19 school year are now available in the clinic at MIS or on our website.
  2. New:   6th Grade Parents!  Your student is eligible to sign up for Strings Class at GC Junior High School for Fall 2018. Seventh Graders will have the opportunity to sign up for beginning violin, and their journey can continue with Concert Strings and Chamber Music into 8th Grade and High School. The mission of the GC Strings Program is to develop admirable character in students while serving the community with excellence in chamber music.  Don’t delay, this is your only chance to join this program as a 7th grader. Please take a moment to review the attached letter, check out the Strings Website and videos, and Sign Up now by Friday, May 18 via this Google Form. Your student will be making beautiful music in no time!

Visit our GC Strings Website

Sign Up for Strings by May 18 via this Google Form

  1. Last Day of School/Awards:  This will occur on May 31st:

      Awards (Cafeteria) 

      4th Grade 8:15AM– 9:00AM

      5th Grade 9:15 – 10:00AM

      6th Grade 12:15 – 12:45PM

      Lunch Times for Last Day: (these times are changed to accommodate awards and 6th Grade Celebration)

       4th Grade:  11:05-11:35

5th Grade:  10:30-11:00

6th Grade:   12:15-12:45  (We purchase only enough pizza for the students on this date.  If you plan to eat with a 6th grader on this date, please plan ahead by bringing your own lunch) 

  1. Warm Weather and Dress Code: As the weather has finally begun to show signs of spring being here, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of the MIS Dress Code that can be found on pages 16-17 of your child’s printed student handbook and on page 17 of the online handbook.  The online handbook can be accessed at
  1. 6th Grade KidsTalk Program:  As advertised in our December 22nd MIS News, Indiana Senate Bill 355 was passed in the spring 2017 state legislative session. The bill requires all public schools in the state of Indiana to provide all children grades K-12 with child abuse education.  We held our parent information night in January and the actual 6th grade student presentations will be held at MIS on May 7th.  This was rescheduled from January 24th due to inclement weather.  The opt out date was originally set for January 18th.  However, if you still desire for your child not to participate, you may send an email to Mr. Stroud, school social worker, at prior to 3:00PM on Friday, May 4th to request your child not participate. 
  1. Cell Phones at School:  We are seeing a growing number of students coming to the office stating parents have contacted them to be picked-up and/or will be dropping items off for them.  Please note that school policy prohibits students from using their device during normal school hours.  In the case that you need to reach your child during the day, we politely ask that you call the main office (317-326-3121).  We will contact your student to relay a message and/or get items to them.  If it is a serious enough matter, we would be happy to call the student down to contact you.  This will help eliminate any cell phone violations and disruptions during class.  We appreciate your help with this matter.
  1.  MIS

Guidelines for Student return after illness.

  • Please remember student needs to be fever free for 24 hours without medication upon return to school
  • Please remember student needs to not have had vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school
  • Students are not allowed to bring prescription medication with them to school or carry in their backpacks.  All medication needs to be brought in with a parent with a signature form from the doctor.   These forms are available in the office or the MIS website.   
  • Students are not allowed to bring over the counter medication with them to school or carry in their backpacks.  All medication needs to be brought in with a parent with a signature form from the doctor.   These forms are available in the office or the MIS website.   The only over the counter medication students are allowed to carry are cough drops and chapstick.   
  • It is encouraged students bring a doctor’s note with them upon their return.   If a diagnosis is given, please let the office know.  The doctor’s note will help medically excuse their absences.

MIS appreciates your assistance in helping keep our students safe and healthy!!

Please contact Mrs Hoskins with any questions or concerns.   

  1.  Our school will be participating in the SchoolStoreprogram this year.  This online program helps our school earn cash without students selling door-to-door, collecting money or delivering products.  Over 400 merchants, including Sears, Target and, have joined together to offer up to 50% of sales to our school for shopping through

You shop online for what you are planning to purchase anyway and support our school.   Simply go to www.schoolstore.comselect our school (School code: 8981) and let the shopping begin!!  Feel free to share with family members and friends.


Vaccination Opportunity:  For the 2018-2019 school year, students in the sixth grade are required to have two Hepatitis A, a meningococcal, and a Tdap vaccine in order to be compliant with state requirements. Hepatitis A vaccines must be given six months apart. The Hancock County Health Department generally offers open clinics prior to the start of school, but you can also call and schedule an appointment or use your regular healthcare provider to receive vaccines. Due to the six month period that must pass between Hepatitis A vaccines, you should start NOW to ensure your student will not be excluded from attendance next school year.

  1. Clinic Reminder:  All medication, including over the counter, requires a request to administer document to be completed and brought to school by a parent or guardian.  The request to administer form as well as quite a bit of other health related information can be found at the following link:  Please note that cough drops are exempt from this policy.
  1. Morning Drop Off:   When dropping off your student/s in the parent pick up line, we would ask that you have your child exit the car directly onto the curb.  Students who exit the vehicle into the drive and walk around their car may risk injury from other vehicles moving in the drive.  We also ask that you be patient and not pull around unloading cars.   Please also remember that the bus lot is closed to vehicle traffic from 7:30-7:50 in the morning.  We ask that you use the parent drop off line, instead of the bus parking lot.  Dropping a student off by the curb in the bus area creates an unsafe situation for both your student and our bus riders.  If you have a special circumstance, please contact the main office in advance to arrange for appropriate parking or feel free to use the guest parking spots on the southwest side or the far south spots near 500 N.
  1.  Keeping up with the latest at MIS:

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Academic Coaches:

Mrs. Leliaert:  (MIS Math Coach):  @lleliaert

Mrs. Wright (MIS Literacy Coach): @rachellew67

Upcoming Dates:

May 7th:  6th Grade Kid’s Talk Program

May 8th:  Incoming 4th Grade (Current 3rd Graders) Parent Night @ MIS – 6:30-7:30

May 9th:  4th Grade Famous Hoosiers Presentations

May 10th:  MIS PTO Meeting – Library 2:30pm

May 15th:  Incoming 7th Grade (current 6th Graders) Parent Night @ GCJHS – 7:00-8:00pm

May 25th:  4th Grade Field Trip to Conner Prairie

May 31st:  Last Day of School/Awards

July 25th:  5th Grade  Meet the Teacher Night/Open House 6:30-7:30pm

July 26th:  6th Grade  Meet the Teacher Night/Open House 6:30-7:30pm

July 30th:  4th Grade  Meet the Teacher Night/Open House 6:30-7:30pm

Dates and Events

**School student day 7:50 AM - 2:10 PM and office hours from 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

*Please see our "News" tab above for other news and opportunities around MIS, GC, and the local community.

** Weekly editions of the 2017/2018 Principal's Update are now posted under "MIS News."

-Classes start at 7:50 a.m. Doors to parent drop-off at Door 10 open at 7:40. Please use parent entrance off of CR 500 North.

-Don't forget to update your child's transportation information using School Dismissal Manager. Please make changes by 1:30 to ensure that your child is properly notified of changes.

-We are pleased to offer a Grab and Go style breakfast to students this year.

SHOP ONLINE: Support our school. Simply go to, select our school and let the shopping begin!! Feel free to share with family members and friends.

Upcoming Dates:

Upcoming Dates:

April 23rd: ISTEP Part 2 Begins
May 3rd: Student Council Meeting - 7:00am
May 4th: MIS Variety Show
May 7th: 6th Grade Kid's Talk Program
May 8th: Incoming 4th Grade (Current 3rd Graders) Parent Night @ MIS - 6:30-7:30
May 9th: 4th Grade Famous Hoosiers Presentations
May 10th: MIS PTO Meeting - Library 2:30pm
May 15th: Incoming 7th Grade (current 6th Graders) Parent Night @ GCJHS - 7:00-8:00pm
May 25th: 4th Grade Field Trip to Conner Prairie
May 31st: Last Day of School/Awards
July 25th: 5th Grade Meet the Teacher Night/Open House 6:30-7:30pm
July 26th: 6th Grade Meet the Teacher Night/Open House 6:30-7:30pm
July 30th: 4th Grade Meet the Teacher Night/Open House 6:30-7:30pm