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Principal’s Update 8/18/17

  1. Hancock County Family Safety Day Information     2017 Family Safety Day Flyer
  2. MIS Art Club Information     After School MIS Newsblast
  3. Art Club:  Beginning Sewing Permission Form     Beginner Sewing MIS Slip
  4. Art Club:  Advanced Sewing Permission Form     Advanced Sewing MIS Slip


  1.  Solar Eclipse:  On August 21, much of the US will be experiencing a rare solar eclipse.  While this is a rare opportunity, it can be very dangerous to stare directly at the sun during an eclipse, possibly resulting in vision damage.  The eclipse will take place in the early afternoon around Indiana, and in our case during bus departure.  In addition to informing students of our expectations and the dangers of looking at this, we will have additional staff present during dismissal to monitor student movement to the buses.

We would ask that you have a conversation with your child as well regarding this event and their responsibility to stay safe.  Please see the attached information from NASA for more information to help with this conversation:, as well as from the Indiana Department Of Education eclipse website:

While school is still in session, many of our teachers will have students viewing the beginning of the eclipse via the nasa website in the classroom.

  1.  Student Council:  Congratulations to the following students for being selected by their peers to represent them on Student Council:

4th Grade:  Katie R., Emma S., Peyton C., Carolina S., Joe P., Ethan O., Makenna H., & Emily M.

5th Grade:  Michelle T., Peter H., Taylor R., Gatlin M., Azzie M., & Leilani B.

6th Grade:  Keirsten R., Sarah C., Tatem A., Anna G., Jett M., & Liam B.

We look forward to working with this group throughout the school year.

  1.  JBS Shuttle Bus Elimination:  BeginningAugust 28th, the JBS shuttle will end operations.  If you are in the JBS walk zone, a bus will be coming through your neighborhood to pick you up.  Please be on the lookout for more information regarding this.  If you are not in the walk zone, you will have to provide transportation to MIS or utilize the bus provided to your child.
  1.  ISTEP Student Reports:  We received student reports this week.  These are currently being processed to be placed on the Powerschool Parent Portal.  As soon as this is done, we will let you know.  If you would like a paper copy of the report please contact the office at 317-326-3121 to request this.
  1.  Textbook Fees Reminder:  If you have not had the opportunity to pay your child’s book rental, please plan to do so at your earliest convenience.  Cash, checks, or money orders for book rental payments may be submitted to the office.  Credit card payments may also be made through EZSchoolPay.  Please remember that there is a 4.1% processing fee when using this service.

Book rental fees were loaded into PowerSchool last week.  Received payments will be posted in PowerSchool over the course of the next week.  Should you have questions regarding payment status, please feel free to contact Mrs. Yeager at or at (317)326-3121.

4th Grade Book Rental $116.14

4th Grade Consumable Fees Only $26.00

5th Grade Book Rental $123.15

5th Grade Consumable Fees Only $23.67

6th Grade Book Rental $121.97

6th Grade Consumable Fees Only $24.92

  1.  6th Grade Immunizations:  If your child has not had his/her 6th grade immunizations (T-dap & meningitis), please take care of this as soon as possible.  Mrs. Hoskins will be corresponding with you in the near future if your child is  not up-to-date.  Proof of immunizations is required byOctober 4th.  If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Hoskins in the clinic.
  1.  Water Update:  Our water samples have passed four consecutive tests; therefore, our water was turned back on.  We will return to weekly testing of our water at this time.  Please know if any of those samples do not pass, we will take the same precautions as we did last week.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we corrected the issue.
  1. Lunch Visitors:  The cafeteria staff is no longer permitted to make change.  If you plan to eat with your child, please know to bring $3.25 or be prepared for your “change” to be placed in your child’s account.
  1.  Greenfield-Central Youth Boys’ Travel Basketball Tryouts
Greenfield-Central youth travel basketball tryouts for first grade through sixth grade will be held on Saturday, August 6th, 2017. Tryouts will be held at the Greenfield-Central High School Fieldhouse. Time slots for specific grades are as follows:

1st and 2nd grade – 2:30pm – 3:30pm
3rd and 4th grade – 4:00pm – 5:30pm
5th and 6th grade – 6:00pm – 7:30pm

We ask no Greenfield-Central gear is worn during tryouts. A travel registration form is available in the documents section of website  Please contact Aaron Willard with any questions at or 317-448-5571.

  1.  Picture Orders: If you would like, pictures can still be ordered online.  Please visit mylifetouch.comand use the picture  ID code: HM787027Y0.
  1.  Spell Bowl:  Try-Outs will be held after school onAugust 23rd.  If your child plans to stay, we ask that you designate this accordingly in School Dismissal manager.  From interest expressed thus far, a few sixth graders could be used.
  1.  School Dismissal Manager– If you have not signed up this year, please do so soon.  Please know you must sign up annually as your account information does not roll over from year to year.

( –  MIS will again be using a web based service called School Dismissal Manager. The purpose is to enable you to easily and securely inform the office regarding your wishes for your child at dismissal time. The system will provide a more organized and efficient tracking system for end of day dismissals. It is intended to replace the notes and phone calls to the office that let us know of changes to your plans for your child(ren)’s dismissal. School Dismissal Manager is the place for you to inform MIS of the means of transportation intended for your son or daughter each day.

You will receive a welcome email providing you with your username and password to access this secure system.  We are hopeful that you find this to be a more convenient process.  ANY transportation changes from normal procedure must be done prior to 1:00pm through the system.  We understand that things happen after this time.  Therefore, if you need to make a change after 1:00pm, you will need to contact the office as you have in the past.

  1.  Keeping up with the latest at MIS:

– MIS Facebook:

–  MIS Event Calendar: This will be updated throughout the year.

–  MIS website: (The “Team Pages” Link for latest homework, etc)

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Mrs. Greulich:  @MIS_AsstPrin

4th Grade:
Mrs. Deom:  @deom_laura

Mr. Gilman:  @MrGilman_MIS

Mrs. Hall:  @mrs__hall_

Mrs. Heller:  @klh181967


Mrs. Herron: @MrsHerronMIS
Mrs. Tilley:  @ajdctilley

5th Grade:
Mr. Berrier:   @BerrierScott

Mrs. Wayne:  @wayne5th

6th Grade:  

Mrs. Blasdel:  @Mrs_Blasdel

Mr. Cooper: @hangwithcooper6

Mrs. Glant: @MrsGlant

Mrs. Proper:  @kristine_proper

Miss Strifler: @MissStriflerMIS


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Mrs. Beuoy:  @MrsBeuoy

Academic Coaches:

Mrs. Leliaert:  (MIS Math Coach):  @lleliaert

Mrs. Wright (MIS Literacy Coach): @rachellew67

Upcoming Dates:

August 31st:  K-Kids Meeting (7:00am)

September 4th:  Labor Day (No School)

September 11th:  PTO Fundraiser Kick-Off

September 18th:  Required Bus Evacuation Drills (After School – expect a slight delay in arrival times)

September 18th-22nd:  Fall Book Fair

September 19th:  Family Literacy Night (6:30-7:30pm) – Book Fair will be open

September 27th:  Picture Re-Takes

September 28th:  K-Kids Meeting (7:00am)

November 15th:  Family STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Night

Dates and Events

**School student day 7:50 AM - 2:10 PM and office hours from 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

*Please see our "News" tab above for other news and opportunities around MIS, GC, and the local community.

** Weekly editions of the 2017/2018 Principal's Update are now posted under "MIS News."

-Classes start at 7:50 a.m. Doors to parent drop-off at Door 10 open at 7:40. Please use parent entrance off of CR 500 North.

-Don't forget to update your child's transportation information using School Dismissal Manager. Please make changes by 1:30 to ensure that your child is properly notified of changes.

-We are pleased to offer a Grab and Go style breakfast to students this year.

SHOP ONLINE: Support our school. Simply go to, select our school and let the shopping begin!! Feel free to share with family members and friends.

Upcoming Dates:

March 14th/16th: 5th Grade Biztown Trip
March 19th-30th: Spring Break - (NO School - 1st week is designated as make-up days if necessary)